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Joe Seo wins Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Performance!!!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Joe Seo for winning the Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Performance as David Cho in Spa Night!!!

Joe is a brave, daring, gentle actor, who put his all in this movie and we could not be happier for him! Hoping that this means many more great roles for him and the beginning of a wonderful career - it was an honor working with you through the laughter and pain and long nights and love. 

Congratulations Joe!!!

Congratulations Joe!!!

Check out the full list of winners on Variety, and Joe on Vulture as one of the "Best Performances of Sundance 2016"! So proud to be among these great films!!!



Reviews of Spa Night out of Sundance!

We are honored and humbled by all the great reviews and mentions that keep coming in, so we decided to share some of our favorite ones here. For the latest news and press, please follow our SPA NIGHT FACEBOOK PAGE and TWITTER, where we will keep you posted in real time!

Here is the first review of our film, that we woke up to the morning after the premiere, on, by Nick Allen:

"A new and necessary voice in indie cinema, he is a gay Korean-American filmmaker, two aspects of identity that inspire an anxious, shattering search for peace of place and identity within this incredible movie competing in Sundance’s U.S. Dramatic Competition."

On Twitch Film, by Jeremy O. Harris:

"Much like its lead, articulation has failed me in the days since watching and processing Andrew Ahn's glorious Spa Night. The film presents itself with such ease and confidence that its easy to miss its complexities at first glance. A friend of mine who saw the movie with me said it in another way, "It's like a masterpiece painting that you could miss in a museum if you weren't looking close enough. It's not showy in it's honesty." 

On IonCinema, by Nicholas Bell:

"...we can’t escape Ahn’s accomplished and beautifully human portrait of a family forced to flounder from one dream deferred to another."

On the Hollywood Reporter, by Boyd van Hoeij:

"...for those willing to fully invest themselves, Spa Night offers a carefully considered story about identity or rather identities, with David having to figure out a way to accommodate his orientation and his position as the only child of Korean immigrants in L.A."

On Variety, by Peter Debruge:

“Spa Night” serves as an homage to the sacrifices first-generation immigrants made in order that their children could achieve their full potential in the States, expanding the concept of “pride” far beyond its protagonist’s gay identity.

Sundance Channel acquires international TV rights for Spa Night

Excited to announce that Sundance Channel has acquired TV rights for Spa Night out of Sundance for the following territories: Dutch Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe, Iberia and Latin America.

See the press release on Variety and follow us on Facebook for updates on domestic distribution, other sales, and upcoming festival screenings!

Deer Flower by Kangmin Kim premieres at Sundance 2016!

The Sundance shorts lineup was released today and we are thrilled to announce that Deer Flower, the latest short film by super-talented director Kangmin Kim, who recently joined our director roster at Nonetheless, will premiere at the festival!!!

Honored to have been part of the creation of this gorgeous, haunting, moving animated short film. Watch the trailer HERE. We can't wait to work together on Kangmin next project!!!

Full Short Films Lineup - 72 shorts selected from more than 8,000 submissions! DEER FLOWER BOTTOM LEFT.

Full Short Films Lineup - 72 shorts selected from more than 8,000 submissions!

See the full lineup HERE.

SPA NIGHT - week 1!!!!

Not really sure where to start, so many things we want to share, so many emotions... On June 14th we started shooting Andrew Ahn's debut feature, Spa Night. We started working with Andrew on the story at the very beginning of Nonetheless, two years ago, and we have been together ever since through the development and fundraising process, through the Sundance Screenwriting Lab, the Film Independent Screenwriting and Directing Lab, our Kickstarter campaign. Wonderful producers Kelly Thomas and David Ariniello joined our producing team and we put everything together and... here we are!!! IT'S HAPPENING!!! It's suddenly so real.

We couldn't be more grateful to all the amazing humans (and non-humans) who made this possible and supported us in many different ways. Our investors, our backers, our crew, our cast, our interns, all the organizations who gave us grants and all the brands that donated to the project... We wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for you.

We can't wait to share Spa Night with you.

Follow our Instagram @spanightfilm and our Facebook Page through the shoot for BTS photos and more!

If you have any questions email: or

Our lead actor, Joe Seo, alias David Cho

Our lead actor, Joe Seo, alias David Cho

"Follow your Dreams!" SUNDANCE 2015 with Myrna the Monster

Hello from Park City!

We haven't really been able to update because we've been running around everywhere, but Myrna the Monster is doing spectacularly well! We have two more screenings (one tonight and the other on Thursday), after selling out the first two. The first screening is at 11:30AM today (the 27th of Jan) at the Prospector Square Theater, the final screening is at the Yarrow Hotel on Thursday at 9 PM. If you're in town, come check it out!

OTHER NEWS! Myrna took over the Sundance Institute's Instagram account yesterday! Check out the pics: 

Always swipe right. 😍💃📲💯👌 -@myrnathemonster #bb #cangetit #myrnathemonster @tinder #Sundance

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Staying warm with my bestie.🙌👯😂 -@myrnathemonster #kathleenhanna #myrnathemonster @mskathleenhanna

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Exit through the gift shop. 🎨🎥🌼-@myrnathemonster #myrnathemonster like #spikelee #banksy @banksy

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Direct hit!❄️💥⛄️ -@myrnathemonster #Sundance #myrnathemonster @dappertoad

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Ugh-- Can't escape #Sundance stalkers. We hooked up once only Johnny. 🙈🙉🙊 -@myrnathemonster #letitgo #JohnnyKnoxville #frozen

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Late to a screening... because last night. 🍕🍸😜 #turnt #sundance #boutthatlife #myrnathemonster -@myrnathemonster

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