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Myrna is back to LA!

Myrna the Monster is coming to LA this Summer!!!

First, for its LA Premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on THURSDAY June 11th at the Regal Theatre DTLA!!! Read all about it in this interview with Ian for Film Independent!

Myrna, Giulia and friends at our LAFF screening

Myrna, Giulia and friends at our LAFF screening

On June 15th, the amazing band YACHT - who did the soundtrack for the movie - is organizing a "Myrna Moondisco Party", also in DTLA, with a Spaceship/Moon themed bounce house!!! See details here and come Moon Bounce with us!!!

Myrna & YACHT Party-time!!!

Myrna & YACHT Party-time!!!

Ian, Myrna and Chris

Ian, Myrna and Chris

Giulia scaring Myrna away (trying to at least).

Giulia scaring Myrna away (trying to at least).

Last but not least, in July Myrna will be playing at OUTFEST on July 10th and July 14th -- see all info here.




More Awards for Myrna and Ian!

"Funnily enough, I think there's something very humanizing about feeling like an alien"

More great news from Myrna the Monster's festival run! We are thrilled to announce that Myrna won BEST SHORT at the Victoria TX Indie Film Fest and our director Ian Samuels won the Filmmaker-to-watch Award at the Atlanta Film Festival!

Here are some of our upcoming screenings:

CHATTANOOGA FILM FESTIVAL - FRI, Apr 3rd @ 3:15pm (From Dusk till Dawn Shorts Program)

THE ALHAMBRA THEATRE FILM FESTIVAL - FRI, Apr 3rd @ 2:15pm and SAT, Apr 4th @ 6pm

More coming soon……!


Ian Samuels "Filmmaker-to-watch" at Atlanta Film Festival
Best Short @ Victoria TX Indie Film Fest

More press love for Myrna the Monster!

"In merely 14:20 minutes, the film manages to touch sweetly upon inherently human issues through the eyes of a Martian: friendships, matters of the heart, the universal question “Is there anyone out there like me?”

Myrna in LA - Sunset & Hollywood

Myrna in LA - Sunset & Hollywood

Read more about Myrna and Kathleen Hanna and see the exclusive lyric video with music by BOYS here:



And a mention on NERDIST.COM - together with Pharrell Williams… :)






More Myrna-press!

What a crazy day for Myrna! 

Kathleen + Myrna!

Check out these great interviews with Kathleen Hanna and our director Ian Samuels about her experience voicing Myrna, working with Ian, how she thought she was gonna get fired because she was so nervous and thought she was too slow (in reality, we can tell you that Ian was the one nervous and scared that Kathleen would drop out!), how she feels similar to Myrna, how she felt the first time she watched the short after dubbing it and so much more!!!

Kathleen is so amazing.




And find an exclusive gift for all of you from Myrna's Tinder adventures and her search for love in Los Angeles:



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