Documentary Short / Directors: Gorav Kalyan & Rohan Kalyan

Shot in the weeks following the deadly gang-rape of a young woman, "Letters to the City Yet to Come" is a city symphony for New Delhi, India. Composed of three letters written in three languages (Hindi, Urdu and English) by an artist, an academic and an activist, each letter is intimately addressed to a loved one in the future, describing the city as it is today, as it might become tomorrow.

Juxtaposing voice-over narration, music and contemporary imagery, the film immerses the viewer in the daily rhythms of New Delhi. It explores historical relics, street life, political protest, and other vivid urban scenes to complete a portrait of this vibrant yet violent city.


Oaxaca Film Festival
New York Indian Film Festival
Corto Creativo Short Film Festival
DocuWest International Film Festival
Altered Aesthetics Art House Film Festival
Vasteras Film Festival
River to River Florence Indian Film Festival
Filmstock Film Festival

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